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Brain Dump on Getting Out of the Army - Updated

I originally made this exact post around two years ago when I first started at my current employer. It may just be me but I feel like I’ve started to see more frequent posts about getting out of the Army lately so I figured I’d update my post and repost.
For context, I was an active duty Officer. I did four years at Bragg in the lovely 82nd Airborne and got out as a CPT at the four year mark. I spent almost 70 days on terminal leave watching game of thrones and started as a management consulting Associate at a Big 4 firm (Deloitte, KPMG, PwC, EY) on my ETS date. I don’t have a beautiful Harvard MBA. I don’t have an amazing name brand undergrad. I understand that this advice may not be as applicable for everyone depending on what you want you to do. Some of this unsolicited advice is good for everyone but somethings are more specific to industries that are historically harder to break into (consulting, banking, etc.)
I worked very hard at creating a seamless transition from the Army into corporate America and I learned a lot during the 12 months I focused on transitioning. I care about our Veterans and their success post-military should you decide to get out. I wanted to dump some of my thoughts here and things I’ve learned in the hopes I can help some of you. I am going to be very blunt because there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding getting out. I look forward to your shit talking in the comments.
I have friends, Officer and Enlisted, that have followed the same path and took the same steps that I did. I have Enlisted friends in Ivy League MBA programs, friends at Wharton, JPMorgan Chase, Deloitte, Goldman Sachs, Google, Facebook, big time consulting firms, engineering firms, etc. I also have friends both Officer and Enlisted that didn’t do shit to plan ahead and are feeling the burn.
I’ll leave you with the best analogy I’ve heard about getting out of the military. In the Army, you don’t do anything of value without extensive preparation. The 3 shop kills themselves during the MDMP process refining the plan, the companies and platoons do rock drills, walk-through talk-throughs, PCCs and PCIs, comms checks, weapons checks, blah blah blah. That pattern of preparation and attention to executing a plan doesn’t change when you start to get out. You develop a strategy, target employers, networking contacts, you think through your answers to hundreds of interview questions, you rehearse your elevator pitch and your answer to “tell me about yourself”. Getting out of the Army isn’t the time to start slacking on preparation.
I could ramble on about this topic forever but I won’t. If you have questions, shoot me a note. If you want to tell me to fuck off, I’ll lovingly accept that too.
Edit: sounds like there is a lot of interest in consulting. I'd encourage you to check out Consulting to read people bitching about the industry the way everyone here bitches about the army, just with a tad more elitism.
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Darius JOHNSON rants about CCP at length

From the famous TMC Bullpen leak, this is the one comment of substance that wasn't deleted for doxxing, so I figure it's safe enough to post as a separate entry.
Darius JOHNSON (former CCP Sreegs) rants about CCP at length (8 September 2013):
The conversation starts
(9:01:57 PM) darius_johnson: (8:53:29 PM) | ubastij: yeah that is a good point, though ccp does seem to prefer broad language for specific issues
(9:02:05 PM) darius_johnson: I used broad language because I know what I'm doing
(9:02:10 PM) darius_johnson: I"m pretty sure they're just morons
(9:09:59 PM) lockefox: oh, darius_johnson, I did mean to ask... there is a legitimate posting at CCP I was thinking of putting in for (data scientist). Terrible idea or terrible idea?
(9:10:26 PM) ubastij: i applied to the multimedia designer position :smith:
(9:10:36 PM) Angry Mustache: i thought they had dr. what's his face
(9:10:40 PM) darius_johnson: up to you
(9:10:43 PM) lockefox: Data team is expanding
(9:10:54 PM) darius_johnson: honestly I don't know anyone at ccp who knows what they actually do there
(9:11:02 PM) mynnna: eyjog seems to dual-hat as economist and head of the data team, yeah.
(9:11:02 PM) darius_johnson: so maybe it's a great department
(9:11:05 PM) lockefox: oh, then just like my job now :D
(9:11:11 PM) ubastij: that works really well with me, i dont know what i do at my company
(9:11:38 PM) darius_johnson: having a research department that works on one product and having nobody on that product having ever seen a deliverable for them is never a good thing
a bit later
(9:12:31 PM) darius_johnson: I have no idea what eyo does at CCP aside from talk to newspapers
(9:12:43 PM) lockefox: Have my app all tied up in ribbons tonight.... was going to send it off tomorrow morning. Figured I have braindamage already (I do the work for fun/free already)
(9:12:44 PM) darius_johnson: AWESOME
(9:13:04 PM) lockefox: and it fits with my current experience professionally so my CL isn't: I <3 gamez! HIRE ME
(9:13:28 PM) darius_johnson: Yeah if you want to live in Iceland go for it
(9:13:31 PM) darius_johnson: they always seemed busy
(9:13:51 PM) Angry Mustache: darius_johnson: botting is so bad on serenity that honest players can plex their accounts
(9:14:04 PM) lockefox: if it's anything like my current data-human-centepeede job, I can understand why
(9:14:27 PM) darius_johnson: Look I'm pretty sure Eyjo doesn't do a fucking thing at CCP I can't be more clear than that.
(9:14:35 PM) darius_johnson: he certainly doesn't know anything about eve
(9:14:47 PM) lockefox: figured that from his fanfest talks
(9:14:47 PM) darius_johnson: So just keep that in mind
(9:14:48 PM) mynnna: p sure you're wrong.
(9:14:52 PM) mynnna: about not doing anything, anyway.
(9:15:06 PM) ubastij: he gave some presentations at fanfest :colbert:
(9:15:07 PM) mynnna: the development of you being wrong may be more recent than your leaving the company tho
(9:15:16 PM) darius_johnson: If "sticking his fingers" into everything is "doing something" then ok.
(9:15:22 PM) darius_johnson: But economically he was useless
(9:15:25 PM) darius_johnson: see: forex
(9:15:31 PM) darius_johnson: see: plex
couple of lines later, still about Dr.EyjoG
(9:16:18 PM) darius_johnson: mynnna: Maybe his guys got to work on stuff they wanted to do. He's really good at taking credit for things as well.
(9:16:29 PM) mynnna: well why not
(9:16:35 PM) mynnna: it works for the_mittani
much later to mynnna, when mynnna defends Dr.EyjoG again
(9:40:15 PM) darius_johnson: I was kind of close to this and MAY know a bit more than you about how CCP works
(9:40:28 PM) Angry Mustache: mynnna: i think if you kept quiet, CCP would never notice
(9:40:39 PM) darius_johnson: Every time the CSM's iin town Ejo struts around and preens
(9:40:44 PM) darius_johnson: or there's a reporter about
(9:19:11 PM) darius_johnson: lockefox: You will be poor and Iceland blows
(9:19:19 PM) darius_johnson: If you're married I honestly wouldn't do it
(9:19:20 PM) lockefox: that's what I figured
(9:19:24 PM) darius_johnson: It's for young people
(9:19:36 PM) darius_johnson: There's a reason there's only like 1 American left at CCP
(9:19:41 PM) darius_johnson: and very few foreignors
(9:19:50 PM) ubastij: darius_johnson: were you in iceland or in the USA when you worked for CCP?
(9:19:54 PM) darius_johnson: Iceland
(9:20:02 PM) darius_johnson: and it was a terrible mistake
(9:20:15 PM) darius_johnson: I mean there was a lot that was great about it
(9:20:20 PM) Set's Chaos: I want to go to Iceland for Formula Offroad.
(9:20:22 PM) ubastij: i've lived in "worst" countries so v0v
(9:20:23 PM) darius_johnson: but nepotism is the culture
aside, on the same topic, later
(9:29:20 PM) darius_johnson: There's also only 2 managers at CCP who aren't icelandic!
aside, on the same topic, much later
(9:43:56 PM) darius_johnson: CCP has an english only policy as well
(9:44:05 PM) darius_johnson: it's just gone lax
(9:44:09 PM) ubastij: i'm just saying sometimes people don't realize its offputting
(9:44:16 PM) ubastij: oh well then
(9:44:18 PM) darius_johnson: Mainly because there's so few non icelanders left
(9:44:20 PM) ubastij: yeah that sounds odd
(9:44:34 PM) darius_johnson: when I got there ops was 75+% foreign
(9:44:46 PM) darius_johnson: when I left there was one Canadian and he left like a week later
(9:45:19 PM) darius_johnson: hard to have a policy like that in those cases
back to the main thread, later, about Soundwave leaving
(9:26:11 PM) darius_johnson: he hasn't left yet
(9:26:17 PM) darius_johnson: it takes 3 months to leave a job in iceland
(9:26:27 PM) Angry Mustache: what the fuck do you do in the meanwhile?
(9:26:31 PM) Set's Chaos: Some kind of law, or just tradition?
(9:26:35 PM) mynnna: like, [Seagull] sets the overall creative direction, but yeah [Soundwave] is lead designer or whatever.
(9:26:36 PM) Angry Mustache: drink?
(9:26:44 PM) darius_johnson: pretend to work while icelanders passive aggressively cockblock you until you just stop showing up
couple of lines later, still about Soundwave leaving
(9:27:06 PM) mynnna: i'unno, I'd like to hope that the "three months" thing means he continues to stick with things until winter is released.
(9:27:22 PM) darius_johnson: CCP will not let that happen
(9:27:41 PM) Angry Mustache: so he's marginalized between announcement and plane departing
(9:27:49 PM) darius_johnson: I was
(9:27:57 PM) darius_johnson: I have to presume it's teh same for everyone
(9:28:43 PM) darius_johnson: they really don't take rejection well
(9:28:48 PM) darius_johnson: and take every criticism personally
a bit later
(9:32:35 PM) lockefox: thank you for answering all the questions I had with your ranting :D
(9:32:46 PM) darius_johnson: np
(9:33:02 PM) darius_johnson: In retrospect I don't regret it honestly
(9:33:03 PM) lockefox: it is actually helpful
(9:33:10 PM) darius_johnson: but I think that has more to do with me than them
END (mostly)
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